Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life in Yarraville - 2mths on...

Well things are going well for us all.

Casey has a job in Williamstown and is looking at doing her Pool Lifeguard certificate thing as she's keen on doing outdooredsy stuff.

Issy has settled in well at school. She's made friends easily and even has a boyfriend - who I'm yet to meet but she's keen for me to meet him. :) She still keeps in contact with her friends back on the Island. She got the VLine bus back there last night and stayed at her friends, then got the early morning bus back here. Tonight she has a friend from Inverloch staying here and it's nice to hear them talk and laugh in the next room.

Audrey is the same. She has settled in well at school and in fact is more motivated to do well with her schoolwork. She puts effort into her work, she is asking the teachers for clarification of what she doesn't understand and she's more committed to organising herself and her homework.

She too has made lots of friends and there are a few in particular that she gets on especially well with. I met two of her friends the other day and tonight she is staying at one of their houses. She's happy about this. I am too, but even after meetng the Mum, I'm wary of Audrey staying at others houses. Prob cos I haven't known these parents like I knew all the past parents of Audrey's friends. Hopefully that will change. :)

Yarraville Village is pretty nice. Esp. on a warm summery night. We're yet to go to the Sun theatre (the girls always have plans for other things!) but I'm keen to go. Perhaps I'll drag Marty along to a movie. Or just go by myself....or not.

Tonight Issy and I headed into Footscray to find something yummy for tea. We came across a restaurant with writing on the windows that we couldn't understand. Issy said 'no way - for all we know it could say 'cat'....I said 'live a little' and so we went in and asked the guys behind the counter - what's this?? What's this? And Whats this? There were only three dishes....

First one was curry chicken.
Second was curry lamb.
Third was curry goat. Issy nearly gagged at the last one.

She got the lamb, I got the chicken.

We came home. I stuck my fork in the wrong container - realised it was the lamb, and licked two grains of rice off the fork. Mouth instantly burned.

We got through about half the tub - sculling glasses of milk - cos it was so hot. It was actually really nice, but just too hot. We think that the writing on the windows said "Hot curry dishes...really hot curry dishes....hottest in town...blow your head off hot"

We'll try Thai next time. Or Ethiopian. Hell I'm keen! It's there so why not!


Also, when we got back to the car I noticed a used syringe on the ground by my door. It was right where I would have put my foot when stepping out of the car. Not sure how I missed it, but kicked it away into the middle of the carpark next to lest if a car pulls up noone will step out onto it. Was not picking it up to dispose of.


So yeah, the girls are good and I'm in Yarraville is going great.

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